March Of The Phantom Brigade

The March Of The Phantom Brigade
A mini-campaign in thirteen parts

Over sixty years ago, a group of bold adventurers calling themselves the Silver Company delved into a mysterious tower that appeared in the ruins of Castle Inverness. They plundered the tower and sealed it, but paid for their riches with the blood of one of their own.

Now, in the ancient dwarven necropolis-city of Hammerfast, an dwarven cleric named Alduz Splintershield has organized a group of settlers to found a new town in the ruins of Castle Inverness, to serve as an anchor for a new southern trade route skirting the Harken Forest and Harkenwold.

Our Heroes stand huddled in the chill of and early spring morning, blowing clouds of mist with every breath. Dawn is just breaking over the Dawnforge mountains, and the shadowed walls of Hammerfast loom above you. The caravan is preparing to depart, and it’s time to earn your pay.


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